The benefits of thoroughbred ownership

Being the owner of a racehorse is a thrill like no other with benefits that the general punter could previously only dream of. Now the excitement and benefits of racehorse ownership is affordable to everyone.

For years the benefits listed below have been available only to those who can afford to spend the big dollars but thanks to miRunners and other micro syndications, racing ownership has now been made affordable for all Australians.

Certificate of ownership

Within a week of purchasing a unit in your racehorse you will receive a personalised certificate of ownership which includes the number of units you hold and the horse you hold it in. We have seen a variety of ways our owners have presented the certificates: many even getting them framed and put on display!

Opportunities to meet your horse

miRunners hosts a number of owners events each season where you are invited to come and meet your horse in person. Held at a number of venues around the country: owners events are a chance for you to bring your family to meet, touch and get photos with your horse. You also get to meet the staff who look after your horse every day and ask them questions. It’s a rare and insightful opportunity.

Weekly video, audio and email updates from your trainer

Perhaps the most exciting part of the journey is getting inside knowledge of your horse and being able to be part of the journey from yearling to racehorse. Your weekly video and audio updates keep you up to date with the latest in your horse and lets you be a part of every step of the training and prep program!

And best yet, as race day approaches you get the inside information on your horse and how your trainer believes it will race!

Pro-rata share of prize money won

While not the main reason to own a racehorse as you can never guarantee profits, there is something very exciting about receiving your share of prize money after a great run. With miRunners, the trainer gets 10%, the jockey gets 5%, the equine fund (depending on the state) gets 1.5% with the remaining 83.5% split amongst the owners. miRunners doe not take a cut of the prize money.

Race day benefits and owners area

Race day! The excitement of being there trackside as your horse bolts down the final straight cannot be described.

For tracks with limited capacity, tickets to the members enclosure are balloted out to owners who are attending while miRunners negotiates with the track to organise an area for all miRunners owners for those that miss out on the ballot.

Emotional connection and thrill of owning a racehorse

The reason most people own. Having an emotional connection to such an incredible animal and having a racehorse to truly support and follow. It is a feeling like no other, just ask the many miRunners owners!

What now?

Purchase your share in one of our new yearlings today!