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What we do

miRunners is changing the face of Australian thoroughbred racing, making horse ownership accessible to all Australians.

For most of history, ownership of thoroughbreds was limited to a select few with high costs and obstacles making it incredibly difficult for the everyday Australian to enjoy the ownership experience.

The miRunners model has changed all that as we aim to bring the best horses together with the best trainers and make them affordable so anyone who has a passion for racing can experience ownership.

How we do it

There is no secret to our formula: we simply purchase a percentage of a premium racehorse, match it up with a top tier trainer and split our purchase cost into 1,000 units. No mark up. Every horse we purchase, regardless of the percentage we buy of that particular horse, is divided into 1,000 equal units.

miRunners makes its fees from the monthly management fee of $11 (inc. GST), which covers the communication, administration, and the overall running of the business. Training fees vary and depend on the percentage owned by miRunners in that particular horse, along with the each individual’s training fees. miRunners are fully transparent with the training fees being charged to owners, and will reimburse owners if there are any training fees left over at the end of the ownership experience. No matter how many units you own in a horse, you pay the $11 (inc. GST) management fee on your first unit only.

The miRunners ownership experience

No matter if you own a single unit or if you own 10, every unit holder is given the full ownership experience which includes:

  • Updates direct to you from your leading trainer/stable in real time
  • Pro-rata share in prize money won
  • Pro-rata share in sales proceeds at end of racing career
  • Opportunities to meet your horse and your trainer
  • Private area on race day (dependent on the race day conditions)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • A chance to add a premium thoroughbred horse to your family
  • The opportunity to develop life-long friendships
  • A dedicated Australian based customer service team on phone, email and facebook