Life is better with a racehorse. And you can be a part of it with miRunners Affordable Premium Thoroughbred Ownership

What we do

miRunners is changing the face of Australian thoroughbred racing, making horse ownership accessible to all Australians.

For most of history, ownership of thoroughbreds was limited to a select few with high costs and obstacles making it incredibly difficult for the everyday Australian to enjoy the ownership experience.

The miRunners model has changed all that as we aim to bring the best horses together with the best trainers and make them affordable so anyone who has a passion for racing can experience ownership.

How we do it

There is no secret to our formula: we simply purchase a premium racehorse, match it up with a top tier trainer and split the purchase cost into 1,000 units. No mark up.

For example: when the first miRunners horse – Saganaki, was purchased at the Gold Coast Magic Millions for $165,000, the horse was split into 1,000 units which were available to purchase for $165 each.

We expect any horse we purchase to be in the $165,000-300,000 price range and every horse we purchase will be divided into 1,000 equal units. If the horse wins, the owners’ share of win is also distributed equally by 1,000 units.

miRunners makes its fees from the monthly fee. $11 (inc. GST) covers the communication and administration, $5 per month covers all the insurance, food and training fees. Total fees for your first unit will be $16 per month but only $5 for any subsequent units in the same horse. No matter how many units you own in a horse, you pay the $11 (inc. GST) component for your first unit only.

The miRunners ownership experience

No matter if you own a single unit or if you own 20, every unit holder is given the full ownership experience which includes:

  • Updates direct to you from your leading trainer/stable in real time
  • Pro-rata share in prize money won
  • Pro-rata share in sales proceeds at end of racing career
  • Opportunities to meet your horse and your trainer
  • Private area on race day (dependent on the race day conditions)
  • Certificate of ownership
  • A chance to add a premium thoroughbred horse to your family
  • The opportunity to develop life-long friendships
  • A dedicated Australian based customer service team on phone, email and facebook

Equine Welfare a priority for miRunners

The welfare of each and every miRunners horses begins immediately when they enter the miRunners system and finishes well after their racing career is complete.  This value is paramount to the miRunners model as we believe our horses are more than just talented athletes. Our horses are a founding representation of the community we have built that love more than just racing but also the thoroughbred animal.  In the wider racing community, Racing New South Wales and Racing Victoria have developed comprehensive programs that capture the commitment the industry has to go to ensuring the care of these animals. Team…

Why we love racing – how we see ourselves in horses

As our owners are such an important part of this miRunners experience, we decided to do a series on how our owners see themselves in horses and what thoroughbred ownership with miRunners means to them. We asked many of our loyal owners to give their response to the below quote: “A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from the mundane” We have been overwhelmed by the responses so far – and first up we wanted to share the response from David and Carol…

Bellarine Beauty makes it 7 miRunners sold out horses!

miRunners have sold out their 7th horse with all 1,000 units selling out in the well-bred Bellarine Beauty, our first Community Horse, owned by 560 individuals.  Bellarine Beauty, by leading sire Not A Single Doubt was a $198 000 (inc GST) purchase,  launched at the Father’s Day Races at Geelong Racing Club last September. miRunners now has over 2,800 different owners amongst our horses, and continue to prove that Australians love affordable but premium level racehorse ownership.  This 3YO is already showing a lot of promise, with trainer Troy Corstens excited to get her to the track for the first…