Priority Access Voucher Terms & Conditions

The price of the voucher is $15 and includes:

  • A priority and secured invitation to purchase one of only 1,000 units in the next horse to be purchased at next January’s Magic Millions thoroughbred auction on the Gold Coast  
  • Your first month’s management fee (which remains unchanged at $15 per month, per horse). Plus, as an early-interest participant, your second month’s management fee (a total value of $30 in training and management fees)
  • Tickets to attend the Magic Million’s auction in person (travel costs are not included)
  • Invitation (if unable to attend) to watch live feed of the auction
  • A buyer’s journey – those that purchase their voucher will be sent regular video and written communication from miRunners resident experts
  • More information on leading trainer Mick Price

Your voucher is redeemable against a single unit purchase of the thoroughbred purchased at this auction.  

It includes the first two months’ management fees associated with a single unit of a future thoroughbred racehorse to be purchased by miRunners at the Magic Millions thoroughbred yearlings auction to be held 10-16 January 2018 at Bundall, Gold Coast, Queensland.

The voucher also includes the option to participate in viewing live the Magic Millions yearling auctions ; participation in the auction either in person (travel to and accommodation in the Gold Coast at the individual’s own expense) or via live link (details to be confirmed).  

Further, those who purchase a voucher will be taken on the “buyer’s journey” – a first-hand account shared by video and email of the colts being reviewed in the weeks leading up to the Magic Millions.  

One thousand units will be created for any horse purchased at auction, and offered to members of the public.

A full product disclosure/offer document will form part of that sale contract.

The price of any unit offered in any horse bought at auction is yet to be fixed and will be directly proportional to the purchase price of the horse at auction. Ownership of a voucher will guarantee the option to buy a unit at the issued price ahead of general sale to the general public. Voucher holders are not obligated to buy a unit in a horse, however, the voucher is non-refundable.

Voucher holders will be approached by miRunners once any horse successfully bought at auction is ready for offer, and voucher holders will then have 72 hours to exercise their right to purchase their unit. After that period, unused vouchers will be deemed to be expired, and unclaimed units will be offered to sale to the general public, at which point former voucher owners will be able to buy units from this general allocation.

MiRunners reserves the right to buy more than one horse at auction, to buy only one horse at auction, or the right not to bid on any horse at auction. There is also no guarantee of success of holding the winning bid at auction.

MiRunners expects to bid on horse(s) in a range  between $165,000 and $275,000. If miRunners is out-bid on any suitable horse on which it chooses to bid, it is not bound to make any offer of units to voucher holders.

MiRunners will only sell an initial total of 1,000 vouchers equal to the number of units in a horse.

Should demand for units in horses exceed supply (i.e. if there are more than 1,000 registered early participants) miRunners reserves the right to offer more vouchers for sale against possible future units in additional horses.

Voucher holders must retain their vouchers until the completion of the Magic Millions auction in January 2018, but will then have the option to buy units offered in any horse bought at auction.

Vouchers will be available for purchase from the miRunners web site at

Individuals may purchase between 1 and a maximum of 20 vouchers. If more than 1 unit in a given horse is bought, the $15 monthly management fee will be discounted for the second and any subsequent horse(s). That discount will be applied to the purchase price of the second and any subsequent units and those adjustment will be made at the moment of purchase. MiRunners will confirm intentions ahead of purchase.

Key dates: vouchers will be available for purchase between Wednesday 25 October 2017 and Monday 8 January 2018. The Magic Millions yearlings auction event is held between 10 January and 16 January 2018.  Yearlings inspections take place between 5 January and 11 January 2018. Units in any horse(s) bought at the Magic Millions auction will be offered for sale in the first instance to voucher holders at a date soon after the completion of the purchase of the horse, likely to be in January or February 2018. That commitment and date are subject to confirmation.

Other factors: it is the nature of livestock purchase and ownership that factors beyond miRunners’ control can affect the outcome of any offer made or implied here. These include but are not limited to: winning bids at auction, the subsequent purchase completion process, the health and viability of any horse purchased, veterinary’s and trainer’s assessments of the horse being fit for sale through units, and how such assessments might influence the release date for units.

Vouchers are not redeemable against any other offer, product or service from miRunners, or any other organization. Vouchers have no cash exchange value. Vouchers cannot be transferred or be part-used.

These terms and conditions are guidance only, and do not warrant a firm contract. MiRunners reserves the right to update, change or withdraw this offer at any time.

If you want to discuss any aspect of this offer, please contact mirunners at