Julieanne Horsman

When I bought my unit I also bought one as a surprise for my brother. I chose a bundle which included two years of training fees so he won’t have to worry about a thing.

Julieanne Horsman
Director of Young Professionals in Racing
Ray Gatt with Colt

Your unit is as important as someone who has 100. You are treated no differently. You are part of the family.

Ray Gatt
Chief football writer for The Australian

I love that miRunners has given me the chance to become an owner. I never thought I would have been able to do so.  Now that I watch and learn more about the beautiful colt, I can’t wait to see him on the track.

LaToyah Asha James
Professional rider, stylist, model, fashion and equestrian lifestyle blogger at HorseShoes & HighHeels

Being part of the owners community has made it a much more engaging and enjoyable experience to be down at the track. I love getting regular updates on the horse’s progress and can’t wait to see it race!

Scott Purcell
Co-Founder of Man Of Many

I love the fact that I’m experiencing something completely new and learning about how a horse is trained. I would love to have his life!

Alex Chapman
Founder, The Male Guide

Scott, SA

miRunners makes it so much easier to get into horse ownership. I always thought you needed thousands of dollars but it only cost $165 for my unit.

miRunners Owner, South Australia
Ronda, QLD

The way miRunners keeps us owners involved with everything Saganaki does is fantastic.

miRunners Owner, Queensland



Margaret, NSW

I can't believe I own a racehorse with my sons. I am loving the video updates and I have fallen for the colt already.

miRunners Owner, New South Wales
James, NSW

I bought into Saganaki with a bunch of mates from cricket. Now we can get together off the pitch as well.

miRunners Owner, New South Wales


David, NSW
Gary, Owner
Pearce, QLD

I want to thank you for the wonderful way miRunners is communicating even to a tiny shareholder like me. Many years ago I bred and raced a few horses, and even though I was able to attend the Randwick stables each weekend I never received the attention that miRunners is giving to me. In fact I can say I already know more about Saganaki than I knew about any of my horses in my previous experience.

miRunners Owner, Queensland