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Best experience by far than any other syndications. Up-front and personal. This is not about getting rich it’s about meeting people and enjoying the opportunities of being an owner on race day and experiencing a day out with family and friends. Also, I know I couldn’t afford a horse worth $275k and pay all the bills as well. This gives us all a chance to have some fun and who knows, might get a big payout on a Big4 or a Quaddie.
A very good initiative that helps everyday people own part of a racehorse, something that most of us only used to dream about. It’s exciting watching the updates and seeing how your horse is going and going to be even better when you get to go to the track and have a vested interest in one of the horses running.
I have units in 3 horses… I love it. miRunners has given me the opportunity to follow my passion for thoroughbred horses and to learn so much about the racing industry. I have been kept informed about the horses and their progress. I love that I can brag a little saying I have horses with Australia’s top trainers. This is a brilliant way to be involved in the best of the best.
I’m loving the experience of owning a tiny little share in the filly I bought into. I’m in this for the experience of owning a racehorse not to make money. The buy-in costs and monthly fees are affordable and give me the same experience as any owner. I for one certainly wouldn’t be a racehorse owner if it wasn’t for miRunners. Thank you to all the team I certainly appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into our horses.
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience so far. Micro syndication is affordable for all Australians and the communication has been first class. The horses get the very best of care before, during and after their careers which is very important. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough if you’re looking at getting involved in top quality horses without breaking the budget.
What has impressed me the most is the way they communicate with owners in there syndicated thoroughbreds. Lots of regular reports, photos via FaceBook, videos and email. As the majority of their runners commence racing I believe excitement will build especially for all their first-time owners. I do not feel ashamed to only have 1/1000th of a share as it’s so affordable and still gets the same thrill out of winning as owners who may own 100% share in a racehorse.
This is my second time being involved in a horse, but the way this is conducted is first-rate. We are kept up to date with what is going on with whatever horse you’re involved in; videos, emails, we receive them all. Well done miRunners. This is the best thing to come to racing.
The chance to have affordable ownership in a high-quality racehorse with one of the best trainers in Australia is a dream come true for me. Was very happy when I found out about miRunners and even happier now to be part of it.
The idea of being a horse owner was nearly impossible for people, like me, who love the gigis but couldn’t enjoy ownership until miRunners came along. I now have a share in 2 horses and have had nothing but great service and updates. So thank you miRunners and if you are like me, karma will catch up with haters.
I have always dreamed of owning a racehorse but thought it was out of my reach until I heard about miRunners. Now I own shares in four horses and it only costs me $60 per month. The initial outlay for each horse was only $275 so it was easily affordable for me. Thank you miRunners for allowing me to realise my dream and now I can sit back and enjoy the journey knowing my investment is being managed by people who are passionate about the horses and the top trainers who manage the horses day-to-day training and welfare.

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