Get to know new miRunners owner Darren Halpin

We found the below article that was written on new miRunners owner Darren Halpin back in January 2019, and thought it was too good not to share! We hope you enjoy getting to know Darren a bit better by reading the below!

“When far North Queensland is your home, thoroughbred ownership takes on a different look. You rely on technology and your team and it becomes all about building your own champion from the start.

The miRunners ownership experience delivers its ownership reports digitally, with videos giving owners a perch on their trainers’ shoulders. This is the technology that prolific owner Darren Halpin relies on.

Darren currently has 30 horses across 11 trainers and drives his successful business from the idyllic location of Cairns. It is only when one of his horses is running in a major race that he can take the time to be there in person, yet he keeps coming back to purchase more and more thoroughbreds every year. We asked Darren what drives this ongoing desire and his suggestions for new owners to enjoy the experience.

  1. What is it about the thoroughbred that draws you so passionately to ownership in such a big way?

For me it is all about the excitement of watching your thoroughbred train, grow and mature.

You work so hard to see what it is you can end up with and you are involved in shaping a champion. This is such an incredible journey that is all engrossing. You can never tell precisely what you will end up with and every thoroughbred has their own personality.

It’s not often in sports you can be so involved from such an early stage that you build a family while you also build the next champion.

  1. Of all the horses you have owned over time… If there was one particular horse that you have bonded with, who was it and why?

I don’t think you can bond with just one of these magnificent animals, each one is different and brings so much to you in their development.

As Darren rarely sees his horses, when one competes and wins a big race such as the Magic Millions 2YO Classic, the occasion is stamped in his memory forever. Darren can still feel the excitement of seeing all that hard work come together this time last year when Houtzen won the Magic Millions 2YO Classic.

Darren and Noelle Halpin after they won the Magic Millions 2YO Classic with Houtzen in 2018

Darren believes he has the right strategy to be a part of the journey he loves as often as possible, he owns multiple horses, with multiple trainers across multiple states. He can shape more champions and be part of more experiences this way.

How you can do this with miRunners

With miRunners you can follow this strategy too, with different horses in different states paired with different trainers. miRunners aims to bring the best horses together with the best trainers and make them affordable so anyone who has a passion for racing can join the journey of premium level thoroughbred ownership.

As an owner you’ll receive your share of prize money, be invited to meet your horse, see it progress in the lead up to its first race, and you will receive regular video updates from your trainer.

Want to get involved in the new miRunners model? 

Make sure you view our available thoroughbreds and remember, if you purchase more than one unit in the same thoroughbred, the additional monthly fee reduces!