How is this priced?

Saganaki was purchased for Kris Lees at $165,000 (incl. GST) making each unit in the horse only $165 once the investment is divided by 1,000. There are no mark-ups or commissions on the purchase price of the yearling. You pay what we pay.

There are additional admin and training fees with a choice to pay monthly, annually or 3 years upfront. The monthly fee is $15 per month for a single unit and $5 per month for each additional unit purchased.

Please refer to our Pricing Calculator for further information

Full information is in the Product Disclosure Statements. You must keep your monthly fee payments ( $15 per month for a single unit and $5 per month for each additional ) unit up to date.

Why should I
trust miRunners?

miRunners is backed by miStable. 

Built over 8 years, miStable is the leading thoroughbred trainer and owner communications platform in Australia.

The platform represents 275 professional trainers, more than half the trainers population in Australia, and 96,000 thoroughbred owners. Between trainers and owners, there are over 30,000 communications per month managed by miStable.

miStable is a trusted partner to the horse racing industry. This is why miRunners owners can have the utmost confidence in the management of this program.

miRunners’ passion is to make thoroughbred ownership affordable, and bring the same standards and opportunities, to those who may have previously been unable to participate.

What is included in
buying a unit of a
miRunners colt?

What is included in buying a unit of a miRunners colt?

  • Your share in the colt (no more than 1,000 units sold per colt)
  • Weekly email updates direct from the trainer
  • Special owner invitations throughout the year:
    • Invitation to visit the colt and see it trackside
    • Invitation to meet the trainer
  • Membership to miRunners club:
    • Membership card that offers associated community benefits
    • Social events including private area at race days.
  • Certificate of Ownership
  • If units are purchased early enough, the opportunity to help name the horse (update: Saganaki was named in September 2017)
  • Collect your pro rata share of prize money
  • At the conclusion of your horse’s racing career, share in the sale proceeds pro rata to your holding

What happens when
the horse wins?

Aside from an experience that will never leave you and your friends;

  • Collect your share of prize money
  • All trophies will be auctioned off to the owners of the horse
  • Replica trophies can be arranged for you

Who should buy
a unit?

The miRunners mission is to make racehorse ownership affordable. Essentially, anyone who wants to experience the excitement of horse racing at the top, the satisfaction of watching your horse train to win, and to receive exclusive invitations and membership benefits, should own a unit.

A miRunners unit is also the perfect gift idea for friends and family members. Note that owners must be over the age of 18.

Why does miRunners talk about units?
What is a unit?

miRunners delivers a new model for thoroughbred ownership. At miRunners each thoroughbred is divided into 1,000 units.

Being able to spread the costs across 1,000 owners significantly lowers the entry price point and more importantly the ongoing costs. Monthly costs drop to a minimal $15 per month for the first unit and just and $5 per month for each additional unit. A cost that is affordable to many Australians.

Not only is the ongoing cost low, it is fixed at that rate to give you surety that you will always be able to enjoy your thoroughbred at this affordable rate.

What share of the horse do I own when
I purchase a unit?

Traditionally owners refer to the share of a horse they own. At miRunners we do not focus on the share of the horse you own but the experience of ownership. And we do not treat owners according to their percentage share.

At miRunners every owner is just as important and treated equally no matter how many units you own.

It is a new and different model which focuses on access to the best trainers in the country and premium thoroughbreds and the experience of owning. That is, the owner reports delivered directly to you and the in person visits to your thoroughbred, trainer and races days. As many owners tell us the anticipation and journey to get to racing as exciting as the races itself!

What happens on
race days?

You will be able to enjoy the race day with all your miRunners fellow owners!

There will be a miRunners Owner area so you can share the experience with your fellow owners, enjoy a personal debriefing from trainer and jockey and of course enjoy the hospitality. We will also ballot the number of restricted tickets so everyone has an opportunity to be there over time.

And as a member of the miRunners Club there will be other days available to you at different race tracks and special invitations to events at the track.

What happens
after 3 years?

MiRunners management are also unit holders in the colt. We will always act in what we believe is in the best interests of the colt and of the unit holders. This will be the deciding factor in whether we race on after three years or retire the colt. If after 3 years we see the value in continuing to race on, you will be offered the option of either continuing with us or winding up your ownership.

Who names
the miRunners

The first miRunners thoroughbred will call on Australia to help determine its name. Up until July 31st you can enter the naming competition via the miRunners facebook page post here.

Every entry is in the running to win a $165 VISA card, a naming certificate and an invitation to visit the Colt.

Owners of the Colt will then decide on the final five names before asking the public to make their choice from these names. The Colt’s name will then be registered and winners announced on the miRunners Facebook page and contacted in person(if details supplied).


Before purchasing you should read all Product Disclosure Statements and our Financial Services guide. Please review these documents by clicking on the following links. Financial Service Guide, Product Disclosure Statement Part 1, Product Disclosure Statement Part 2, First Supplementary PDS, Second Supplementary PDS.

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