Upcoming miRunners Events

Feel the camaraderie and friendship of the ever-growing miRunners community and join us at one or all of our wonderful events.

miRunners holds regular events where you can learn about the horse you are interested in, get up close and take your own photo, and listen to some of Australia’s top trainers talk first hand. Owners will be invited to watch a jump out or barrier trial or even cheer your horse on when it races.

The thrill of owners and their guests at the miRunners Magic Millions events is second to none.

We look forward to seeing you at one or all of our events!

Event: miRunners Magic Millions Owners Dinner

Are you an owner or would like to become one? We are inviting miRunners owners and interested future owners to join us at the 2019 Magic Millions Yearling Sale on the Gold Coast. There are two key opportunities for Friday 11 January: Attend the auctions with us as our guest (free) and/ or Attend a catered dinner, drinks and music on Friday night for $85 per ticket. miRunners purchased four thoroughbreds at the 2018 Magic Millions and we will be at the auctions again for 2019. We would love for you to join us and experience the thrill of the Magic Millions.
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