miRunners shares the ins and outs of training
and caring for each of the horses you own, and
you get to share each animal’s journey as they
change from being a young animal to a novice
racer. All of the owners share that experience
together, and we love the devoted care lavished
on the animals.


I love the updates we get from miRunners,
buying the unit was smooth and seamless and I
knew I could enjoy the experience without
worrying about the cost. The miRunners
experience creates a great emotional connection
with the horse. We get to choose his name, and
his silk colours, and that’s obviously very special.


It’s a great concept, you’re kept up-to-date,
you know what’s going on week-to-week,
you’re involved with a very special experience
– all for the price of a weekly beer once you’ve
purchased your unit!


The chance to have affordable ownership in a
high-quality racehorse with one of the best
trainers in Australia is a dream come true for me.
Was very happy when I found out about
miRunners and even happier now to be part of it.


A very good initiative that helps everyday people own part of a racehorse, something that most of us only used to dream about. It’s exciting watching the updates and seeing how your horse is going and going to be even better when you get to go to the track and have a vested interest in one of the horses running.