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Units are priced at $165 each (incl. GST). A monthly training fee of $15 is also payable for the first unit, and $5 per month for each additional unit purchased. This pricing calculator will help you work out the final cost of your purchase and any ongoing fees.

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eg: yearly payment for 1 unit includes $165 + (12 months x $15 fees)
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  • Unit/s cost:
  • Each unit costs $165, inclusive of GST.
  • Monthly expenses:
  • Monthly expenses cover training and maintenance fees. They are $15 per month for the first unit, and $5 per month for each additional unit. If you opt to pay for 1, 2 or 3, years up-front Monthly expenses will be $0 and all fees will be bundled into the 'Pay Today' amount.

  • Pay now:
  • Your unit/s monthly expenses commence at time of purchase. This amount includes the cost of your units, plus your first fee payment.

When you commit to buying a unit in the colt, you are committing to a single unit of $165 plus a monthly subscription fee of $15 that covers management and all colt care costs. If you purchase multiple units you will only pay the $10 management fee per month on the first unit, and $5 per month for the first and subsequent units.  The total sum of a single unit in the thoroughbred including management fees for 3 years is $705.00.  After 3 years, you will be advised by management the decision to retire or to continue racing the colt and given the choice to wind up ownership or to continue. The maximum units that can be purchased is 20 units per single person or entity. Please refer to our FAQs and Disclosure documents.

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Prices are inclusive of GST.

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