Why Saganaki has the best chance of winning

We ensured the best chance of winning by handpicking Saganaki from thousands of horses at this budget. Saganaki has the best pedigree, stables, training, nutrition and management to help it succeed on track.

Additionally, trainer Kris Lees’ focus, care and horsemanship ensures every horse is given the best opportunity to reach its maximum racing potential.

Training Facilities

miRunners has secured a place for Saganaki at the boutique spelling farm of Emeran Park. Set in the undulating hills of the Dooralong Valley, the hills help the yearling to build muscle and bone density daily.

Just like an elite athlete, a well-balanced lifestyle ensures the horse will always come out on top. The horses at Emeran Park carry their own weight better and avoid the repetitive strain that comes with continuous training. To achieve balance the trainer creates an individual plan, incorporating exercises such as swimming, trackwork, trailwork, flatwork and jumpwork.

All of these training techniques combined with the evergreen pastures and plenty of outdoor space at Emeran Park, ensure Saganaki has the best chance of training up to become a winner.

Quick Facts:

Price per unit: $165

Horses Trained: 291

Wins: Over 100 per season

2015/16 Winnings: > $7million

Ranked: Regularly within top 20

Taught by: Max Lees, father

Owns: Ellalong Farm training facility